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2016 AI Course March

 Mon 21st - Wed 23rd 

Become an instructor 

  You may wish to become an Assistant Instructor or Dinghy Instructor. WaveRides prefer prospective AI's to be 14   or older. DI's must be 16 or over. Both qualifications are open to youngsters and adults. AI's are trained by each RYA Centre and the award certificate is specific to that training centre. AI's who wish to join another Centre may have to join a new training course specific to that Centre to become qualified. On the other hand DI's must pass a pre - assessment day and then successfully complete a 5 day course to qualify. Unlike an AI the DI qualification can be used at any RYA training Centre subject to whether the certificate is endorsed for coastal or inland. For more information speak to Hugh.


RYA WaveRides Assistant Instructor
  Cost: £110
  Duration: 3 days

  About the course:

  The course is a mix of on the water exercises and classroom activities simulating the DI course. Interested students are welcome to talk to Hugh about their skill level and to talk through the session plan for the 3 days.

RYA Dinghy Instructor

  Courses to become a DI can be run at WaveRides or at any other Centre. However there needs to be 12 for the courses and therefore they tend to be run at one of the coastal Centres. WaveRides can help in preparing students to pass the one day pre-assessment. Practice evenings or days can be arranged subject to the number of students who wish to prepare for the pre-assessment. Cost: 3 hour session £25 per student. Min 3 students.