Spring Offer - Group of 5 weekend sail for £85 each per day! Or how about a family sailing morning for £155 or day for £195? Or join our sailing and paddleboard club on Sunday afternoons for £15 each Call Hugh 0044 7894076574 or 00353 838201664 waveridesireland@gmail.com

​.​WaveRides, Fermanagh’s newest RYA Sail and Power Centre welcomes anyone that would like to dip their toe into the boating world or who would like to improve their skills or lift confidence. For example:

On the water things:
  Own boat Tuition – You have a power or sail boat but need some boat handling guidance to help confidence
  Yachting – You want to try big boating and learn how to cruise or become a Day Skipper or Yachtmaster
  Dinghy sailing – As an individual or family group you want to try sailing, do a course or mprove
 your skills
  Keel boating - Progress on from a dinghy to a keelboat. Just before a yacht.

  Powerboating _ You want to get qualified or just improve your boat handling skills

  Paddleboarding - Tuesdays and Thursday mornings. Good for core muscles and meeting new people
Theory stuff
  Day Skipper or Yachtmaster Theory - Something to do in the evenings or you are serious about getting a  

  qualification and becoming a better sailor

  Radio Course – You want to be safe and pass your VHF Radio licence
  First Aid – You want to know what to do in a medical situation

  CEVNI- You want to be qualified to go on the inland waterways particularly in Europe

 Then have a look at courses or email or call
Hugh waveridesireland@gmail.com 07894076574 to ask a  question.