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Coastal Skipper

Cost: £575 or 650 euros per person

Duration: 5 day or group of 2 days and 3 days

About the course:

This is not a beginners’ course and it is suggested that you have at least 15 days sea-time, two of these days as skipper, having covered 300 miles with eight night hours. The Course leads to a certificate of completion and candidates can arrange to be examined for the Coastal Yachtmaster undertaken by a Yachtmaster Examiner. Course expectations:

Planning - Can plan a coastal passage including a considering capability of the yacht, navigation, victualling, weather, ports of refuge, tidal heights, and tidal streams, publications required and strategy Know Customs procedures 

Preparation - Preparation for sea eg safety equipment, stowage, safety briefing, watch keeping, delegating responsibilities, equipment and engine checks 

Navigate - Can pilot a yacht by day/night including passage/pilotage plan, considering surroundings, transits, clearing bearings, buoyage, port or harbour regulations and tidal considerations. 

Take charge - Can take charge of a yacht and direct the crew, organise the navigation, deckwork, domestic duties, crew welfare, weather trends, use navigation equipment.

Boat Handling - Berth and unberth and handle a yacht in various conditions of wind and tide.Can use the sails to control the yacht in a confined space. Anchor and moor in various conditions of wind and tide Can sail efficiently on all points of sailing 

Adverse weather - Preparation for heavy weather and yacht handling in strong winds Navigation and general conduct in restricted visibility 

Emergency situations -  Recovery of man overboard under power and sail and understands action to be taken when abandoning to the liferaft and during helicopter and lifeboat rescues

Choose any block of 5 days or combination of 2 and 3 days from the Calendar: