Spring Offer - Group of 5 weekend sail for £85 each per day! Or how about a family sailing morning for £155 or day for £195? Or join our sailing and paddleboard club on Sunday afternoons for £15 each Call Hugh 0044 7894076574 or 00353 838201664 waveridesireland@gmail.com



  • Use of crew
  • Coming alongside/ Moving off
  • Man over Board drill
  • Picking up a mooring
  • Anchoring
  • Manoeuvring in close quarters
  • Rescue - 'Person overboard' 2 methods of rescue and helping the casualty to safety


    Passage planning (things to think about before the     trip; weather, plan of the trip,contingencies)

    Collision regulations    

  Engine checks (including advice on servicing/    

  impellor/  filters/winterisation)

  Safety -

  • equipment to be carried onboard
  • Killcord use
  • personal flotation
  • safety lines if appropriate
  • managing children
  • what to do if sinking or if someone is injured
  • communication - VHF/ Mobile phone/ Hailing

Own boat tuition  - Power

Cost: £145 (€165) per boat + travel diesel costs

Duration: 9.30 to 5pm

About the course:

A typical package might include: