Day Skipper theory over 2 long weekends 1 to 3rd and 15 to 17th March. Friday 6 to 9pm, Sat 9 to 7pm and Sun 9 to 4pm. Holywood Yacht Club. £295 (€345) including RYA Pack (£50). 3 stage payments Call Hugh 0044 7894076574 or 00353 838201664

Terms and Conditions:​​
Deposit - Yachting courses require a deposit of €200 or £150 to hold one place. All other courses require a deposit of €50 or £50 to hold a place.

Course Fee - The remainder of the course fee is requested up to 6 weeks before the course start date. A pay-by-date is given in the request. 

Changes to publicised destinations: It may not always be possible to travel to intended destinations for example Isle of Man and Scotland due to for example, the weather or wind direction. Customers will be notified of destination changes before departure. There will be no refund for destination changes.

Cancellation by a customer: 

  • If a customer has paid a deposit to hold a course place this can be returned if another customer is found (*) who meets the course entry requirements and who has paid the full course fee. *Note: a customer cannot be said to be 'found' if they are already signed up for a course and have paid at least a deposit. 
  • If a customer is unable to pay the remainder of the fee by the pay-by-date then WaveRides reserves the right to sell on the place. If the place can be sold to recover the full course fee then the deposit can be returned to the first customer. If the place cannot be sold then the deposit is forfeit. 
  • Customers who have paid a deposit and up to the pay-by-date can ask to transfer to another course date. In this case, the deposit will be reassigned to the agreed new course date. 
  • Customers who decide to cancel after the pay-by-date having paid the full amount will only be entitled to a refund if the course can be sold to another customer who meets the course requirements.
  • Customers who fail to turn up at the agreed time and date for a course will forfeit the course fee paid.

Cancellation by WaveRides:

  • Cancellation due to weather or unforeseen mechanical problems will be announced 24 hours before departure. In these circumstances, Waverides will agree alternative dates with the customer.​
  • If WaveRides has to cancel a course due to events out of its control the customer will be advised and offered alternative course dates.
  • WaveRides is not responsible for travelling costs incurred by customers as a result of a cancelled course for example flights, car hire, bus or any other form of transport. Customers are advised to take out appropriate insurance cover.