Spring Offer - Group of 5 weekend sail for £85 each per day! Or how about a family sailing morning for £155 or day for £195? Or join our sailing and paddleboard club on Sunday afternoons for £15 each Call Hugh 0044 7894076574 or 00353 838201664 waveridesireland@gmail.com

Skills weekends or 2 days

Cost: £250 or 310 euros per person

Duration: 2 days 

Max students: 4

About the 2 days:

Anyone can steer a boat when out in the sea and away from marinas and other boats. But can you confidently park in a marina when its blowing. This course is for those that want to improve their close quarters manoeuvres under sail and power. Course covers:

  • Lassoing a cleat/ Fender control/​ Knots/ Tieing to a cleat
  • Coming off and coming alongside forwards and backwards under power in a marina
  • Using front centre and forward cleats to come alongside and move off
  • Ferry gliding using wind and or tide
  • Anchoring
  • Picking up a buoy under sail and power
  • MOB under power and sail
  • Sail trim and sailing using all points of the sail